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Vintage striptease

Vintage striptease0:00

[+]A long haired woman in a ballroom dress enters the stage and begins to dance to the music. She bends over to the camera, showing her large tits. SUddenly she takes her dress off and dances on in a small bikini. *****

Fucking in the office

Fucking in the office0:00

[+]A blonde girl in a black bikini loosens her bra and plays with her nipples. Wearing only her suspenders and nylons she approaches a guy who is watching her. She lowers herself over his dick and the both of them fuck on top of a desk. *****

Heels over head

Heels over head0:00

[+]Gail Miller was an exotic dancer. We see her here performing on stage, dancing around in a bikini, making somersaults and doing acrobatics on the floor and on a chair. *****

Girl with big tits fucking

Girl with big tits fucking0:00

[+]A girl in bikini is sitting on a couch. A guy next to her is kissing her tits and rubbing her body all over. He takes out one of her tits and licks the nipple. A little later she bends over the couch so he can fuck her from behind. *****

Vintage exotic dancer

Vintage exotic dancer0:00

[+]A woman with large tits and dressed in a bikini and a sweeping veil is dancing on a stage, swaying her boobs about. She drops her veil, revealing her long legs. She continues to dance, showing her body off to the camera. *****

Fucking a blonde bimbo

Fucking a blonde bimbo0:00

[+]A guy and a blond girl are lying down on the couch. She is only wearing a red bikini. He strokes her body all over and kisses her crotch. The girl then sucks the guy's long dick while he rubs her pussy before he starts to fuck her from behind. *****

Big titted Betty Howard

Big titted Betty Howard0:00

[+]In this classic piece of film we see Betty Howard dancing to jazz music. She is wearing the outfit of a harem girl and while she dances she removes her clothing bit by bit until she is wearing only a bikini. *****

Blonde girl dancing

Blonde girl dancing0:00

[+]A young, blonde girl in a gym suit is dancing around in the garden, making seductive movements towards the camera. A little later she is only wearing a bikini, doing a belly dance and swaying her body to and fro. *****

Interracial outdoor fuck

Interracial outdoor fuck0:00

[+]A black girl in a bikini is laying on a stretcher. A white guy pulls her bra down, licks her tits and squeezes them. A little later she is giving him a blow job. The both of them then fuck until the guy comes over her hairy pussy. *****

Blonde girlfriend giving oral sex

Blonde girlfriend giving oral sex3:00

[+]Sexy blonde girlfriend giving blowjob in bikini *****

Vintage cat fights

Vintage cat fights0:00

[+]In this vintage movie we see two girls in bikini fighting with each other in a studio. They try to wrestle each other to the floor. In the second part we see two female wrestlers fighting each other in the ring. *****

Pussy licking on deck

Pussy licking on deck0:00

[+]Two slim girls are on the deck of a yacht. One of them is wearing a bikini and the other just a bra, showing her hairy pussy. One of the girls begins to lick the other girls cunt until a black guy takes over the job. *****

Vintage erotic dancer

Vintage erotic dancer0:00

[+]A girl in a black bikini and black stockings is dancing around in front of the camera, swaying her ass and her tits about. *****

Exotic dancer

Exotic dancer0:00

[+]The famous stripper Kalantan is dancing on a stage, dressed in a black, exotic bikini and high heels. She sways her hips about, showing her slim body off to the camera. *****

Blow job in black

Blow job in black0:00

[+]A girl in a black bikini is laying on her back on a bed. A guy, also in black, approaches her and touches her gently. She takes out his dick and begins to suck it. Then he lays down on his back to make her finish the job. *****

Vintage masturbation

Vintage masturbation0:00

[+]A woman in bikini is laying on a bed. She pulls her panties aside and plays with her hairy pussy. She pulls her bra down and massages her nipples too. Then she ficnger fucks herself until she comes. *****

Erotic dancer at work

Erotic dancer at work0:00

[+]In this black and white movie we see Sheree North, an exotic dancer, dressed in a panther suit. She is dancing on a terrace in the garden, swaying her body to and fro. A little later she appears again, this time in a tight bikini. *****