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Former school director in action

Former school director  in action1:26

[+]Jan Willem is a former school director who has discovered that one of his ex pupils is a performer on an adult site. So he contacts the owner to see if he himself could do a video session with the girl. To his surprise, that is no problem at all... *****

Tennis court teen gets load in face

Tennis court teen gets load in face5:06

[+]The score is 18 love and this blonde teen girl gets her tight little bald clam hammered by her horny opponent. This teen couple get so turned on while playing tennis they cannot wait to get off the court to get off. He slams his thick rigid meat stick nuts deep inside her tight smooth and wet pussy, fucking her like a piston. He pulls his massive member out of her cooter and she gobbles on it greedily until his load blasts across her face *****

A hot new job

A hot new job1:48

[+]Bianca is really enjoying her new job at the local health resort. Even though she has to get up early every day, there is a lot of chance on meeting nice guys. And if she wants to fuck any of them there is always an empty room available! *****

Kitchen fuck

Kitchen fuck0:00

[+]A blonde girl and a guy are in the kitchen kissing each other. She licks his crotch and he takes her clothes off. After she has sucked his dick for a while she lies down on some chairs to be fucked and then they end up on the floor. *****

A warm welcome

A warm welcome0:57

[+]A blonde girl walks into a garden where a guy is working. He lets her into the house and a little later she is half naked on the couch while he is licking her pussy. He fucks her in various positions until he comes in her mouth. *****

Horny barbeque

Horny barbeque1:54

[+]A football trainer is not very happy with his all girl team and tells them they are only good for fucking. So they organise a BBQ party where the four teenage girls are all fucked in turn by two guys. *****

Two girls and a double dong

Two girls and a double dong0:57

[+]Two teenage girls in sexy outfits are sitting on the floor. They undress each other slowly, stroking each others body. When the are naked they sit down and fuck each other in turns with a double dildo. *****

Teenager in tartan

Teenager in tartan0:57

[+]A blonde teenage girl in a tartan bikini is posing in front of the camera. She takes her bra off, showing her small tits. When she lowers her miniskirt she is completely naked. Kneeling on the floor she fucks herself with a vibrator. *****

A double blow job

A double blow job0:57

[+]Two young girls are in a rom, slowly undressing each other. A guy comes up to them and both girls begin to suck his dick. One girl does this alone for a while while the other on watches. Then both girls lick the guys dick in turn. *****

Blind man’s buff

Blind man’s buff0:57

[+]We wouldn’t say our girls are horny al day but even an innocent game like blind man’s buff can turn out into something sexy. Although we must admit it wasn’t Maaike who added the kinky twist but her boyfriend when he unexpectedly lowered his pants... *****

Chubby teen girl eats cum

Chubby teen girl eats cum5:04

[+]This adorable chubby teen girl has got nice big tits, a tight little wet pussy and she knows how to suck cock. This guy tries to choke the fuck out of her with his dick before pounding the hell out of her snatch. After fucking her good and hard he grabs her by the back of the head and shoots his goo right in her mouth. *****

Blonde in an outdoor fuck

Blonde in an outdoor fuck0:57

[+]A blonde teen is on a path in a forest. Next to her a guy is pulling her shirt down and licking her bare tits. He goes down on his knees and she gives him a blow job. A little later he is on his back and she is riding his cock. *****

Enjoying the last warm day

Enjoying the last warm day0:57

[+]It was at the end of the summer when Vera decided to make use of the warm weather. She went for a long walk, taking the largest vibrator she could find, and on a spot where no one could see her she stripped off for some quality time... *****

Pretty busty girl nailed

Pretty busty girl nailed0:00

[+]A blonde girl and a guy are talking to each other in the living room. When she leaves for a moment, the guy opens her suitcase and searches through her clothes. He gets caught when the girl returns and then the both of them fuck on the floor. *****

Tennis court sex

Tennis court sex0:57

[+]A young blonce girl ans a guy are standing at the net of a tennis court. The guy is touching the girl up, playing with her tits. She goes down on her knees to suck his dick before he fucks her in various positions. *****

Desperate for a fuck

Desperate for a fuck1:48

[+]Some girls just need their dosis of sex every day and if you haven't had any for a week you can't afford to be too choose. Take Cindy for instance: Her pussy is is itching so much that she will even seduce the local car thief... *****

Brunette swallows boner

Brunette swallows boner3:00

[+]Brunette with sexy pig tails swallows a cock in her mouth to the balls! *****

Masturbating on the bedroom floor

Masturbating on the bedroom floor3:00

[+]A young blonde girl is laying on the floor of a bedroom. She lifts up her panties an caresses her pussy. After taking off her panties she massages her clit. She lowers her top and gently strokes her tits. *****

A sporty girl

A sporty girl0:00

[+]I am a very sportive girl. You can find me at the local gym at least three times a week and sometimes on a Sunday too. I like to stay in shape although I must admit I get plenty of attention from the guys there. A lot of them stare at my tits when I'm working out with a skiping rope for instance but I love that attention too! *****

Busty blonde offers blowjob

Busty blonde offers blowjob3:00

[+]Blonde gal sucks dick and rubs it between her big voluptuous boobs! *****

Turned on by a horny story

Turned on by a horny story0:57

[+]A young blond girl is laying on a bed, reading a magazine. She unbuttons her blouse and plays with her tits. Lowering her pantyhose she massages her pussy. A little later a guy has joined her who fucks her until he comes. *****

Silvia Saint Solo - Pink Double Dong

Silvia Saint Solo - Pink Double Dong2:00

[+]Silvia Saint having fun with her pink double dong here! (HD) *****

Sexy with cup size E

Sexy with cup size E0:00

[+]Yeah I know, my hooters are humongous! They started growing when I was about eleven and they haven’t stopped since. At secondary school a lot of girls were pretty jealous of them until they got REALLY big. Personally I think they are just a part of me. Guys love ‘em, like to stroke and suck ‘em like babies! *****

Teen nurse gets fucked

Teen nurse gets fucked0:57

[+]A blonde girl in a nurses uniform is massaging a guys foot on the studio floor. A little later she is kneeling over his face so he can lick her pussy. Then she lays down on her back on a work bench so the guy can fuck her. *****

Doing the dishes and fucking

Doing the dishes and fucking0:57

[+]A blonde girl is ate the kitchen sink, drying the disshes. A guy behind her pushes a doll against her ass cheecks. A little later she has lowered her top and rubs his crotch. The guy then fucks her in verious positions. *****

Sexy spin the bottle

Sexy spin the bottle0:57

[+]Three teenage girls are sitting on the floor, playing a game of spin the bottle. A little later they have taken their T-shirts off and lick each others nipples. One of the girls lays down on her back so a second one can lick her pussy. *****

Fucked on top of the washing machine

Fucked on top of the washing machine0:57

[+]A young blonde girl is in the shower. She washes herself and massages her pussy with a vibrator at the same time. A young guy joins her and begins to lick her pussy. A little later he fucks her on top of a washing machine. *****

The horny plumber

The horny plumber1:53

[+]A blonde girl is lying on the bed when there is a knock on the door. It is the plumber who repairs her shower. She falls asleep and he approaches the bed, pulling her panties aside and licking her pussy. When she wakes up she sucks and fucks him. *****

Private Penthouse Greatest Moments #01

Private Penthouse Greatest Moments #012:00

[+]Silvia Saint is doing a four some on sail boat with friends *****

Lil blonde teen in love with cock and cum

Lil blonde teen in love with cock and cum5:00

[+]Nicolette will fool you seriously. Oh her face is all sweet and innocent, her perky little titties look like they have never been touched and her pussy is so tight and smooth you would think yours was the first dick to go near it. But damn does that soft little hole get worked over in this video. Dude pounds away at that snapper with his tool like he is pissed at it and that cute face even gets to catch his copious load of goo. *****

Nymphet sucking cock

Nymphet sucking cock3:00

[+]Naked babe with long sexy legs proves that she is the best in deep throating! *****

Her double dildo

Her double dildo0:57

[+]A blonde girl is sitting on the floor, browsing through her handbag. She takes out a large dildo. A little later she is naked and showing her body off to the camera. Then she sits down on the floor and fucks herself with the dildo. *****

Blonde teen fucking herself

Blonde teen fucking herself0:57

[+]A blonde teenage girl is on a couch with a guitar, stroking her body all over. A little later she is only wearing her panties and massages her tits and pussy. She goes on her hands and knees and then fucks herself with a large dildo. *****

Fucked in the forest

Fucked in the forest3:00

[+]Somewhere in a forest a young blonde girl is on her back on a blanket and getting fucked by a guy. He takes his T-shirt off and spreads the girls legs to fuck her some more. *****

Big titted lesbians

Big titted lesbians0:00

[+]Two teenage girls in T-shirts and panties are on a couch. They stroke each others tits and behinds and then take their T-shirts off, revealing two pairs of firm tits. Laying down they continue to kiss and caress each other. *****

Hawaiian Ecstasy

Hawaiian Ecstasy2:00

[+]Exciting orgy in a hotel room in hawaii with ten people ! *****

Jogging and fucking

Jogging and fucking1:48

[+]Marcel is doing his daily run through the forest when he discovers a blonde nymphet resting on a bench. So he does what any man would do: He starts to jerk off in the bushes. The girl seems a little shocked at first but some cash makes her do anything... *****

Unexpected anal fuck

Unexpected anal fuck1:48

[+]Alisa has just done her shopping as she happens to come across and old boyfriend of hers. She still has the hots for him and when they get talking she can hardly suppress her need for a good fuck. Fortunately, he is in the mood too... *****

Safer on the floor

Safer on the floor3:00

[+]Just like Monika a couple of days ago, Anita thought it would be fun to spoil her pussy on the kitchen table too. But it was not stable enough to her liking (she moves around a lot when she plays with herself) so she decided to us a safer spot. *****

Claris loves the sexy look

Claris loves the sexy look0:00

[+]I like the sexy look but it shouldn't be overdone. Too much make up makes me look like a hooker and I don't want that. But I do love miniskirts for instance, or jeans which are ripped in the right places so they show some skin. *****