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In front of the mirror

In front of the mirror0:00

[+]A couple is dancing together and the girl is stroking the guy's crotch. A little later they are both naked and she is sucking his dick. A little later she is sitting opposite him, masturbating. Then the guy goes on his knees and licks her pussy. *****

Fucked on the pool table

Fucked on the pool table0:00

[+]A guy is sitting in a striptease bar, watching a girl dancing in front of him and shoving money into her panties. A little later the girl is on her knees, giving the guy a blow job. The guy then fucks her on the pol table. *****

Sugar daddy strip

Sugar daddy strip0:00

[+]Vintage porn model Jenny Lee stars in this black and white movie. She is standing on a stage dressed in a long, black gown and a black bra. Doing a slow striptease she reveals her firm breasts which have tassels on the nipples that she waves about. Dancing around she is on the verge of lowering her panties... *****

Wanna be Model...or Dancer!

Wanna be Model...or Dancer!3:00

[+]Super sexy blonde girlfriend dancing naked at home. *****

My Girlfriend Hot Ass (REAL)

My Girlfriend Hot Ass (REAL)3:00

[+]She is my girlfriend Astor, we are from Toronto. We love to make homemade porn. We made this video for yu guys..do you like it? Please comment!! *****

Real horny girlfriend dancing and masturbating her pussy

Real horny girlfriend dancing and masturbating her pussy3:00

[+]Super hot girlfriend dancing at home and masturbating her pussy to the webcam *****

Heels over head

Heels over head0:00

[+]Gail Miller was an exotic dancer. We see her here performing on stage, dancing around in a bikini, making somersaults and doing acrobatics on the floor and on a chair. *****

Brunette GF dancing for webcam at bedroom

Brunette GF dancing for webcam at bedroom3:00

[+]Brunette GF dancing for webcam at bedroom *****

Vintage exotic dancer

Vintage exotic dancer0:00

[+]A woman with large tits and dressed in a bikini and a sweeping veil is dancing on a stage, swaying her boobs about. She drops her veil, revealing her long legs. She continues to dance, showing her body off to the camera. *****

Sexy GF dancing on camera

Sexy GF dancing on camera3:00

[+]Sexy Shaved Pussy Girlfriend Dancing Naked On Camera *****

Blonde girl dancing

Blonde girl dancing0:00

[+]A young, blonde girl in a gym suit is dancing around in the garden, making seductive movements towards the camera. A little later she is only wearing a bikini, doing a belly dance and swaying her body to and fro. *****

Big titted Betty Howard

Big titted Betty Howard0:00

[+]In this classic piece of film we see Betty Howard dancing to jazz music. She is wearing the outfit of a harem girl and while she dances she removes her clothing bit by bit until she is wearing only a bikini. *****

Hot foursome

Hot foursome0:00

[+]A guy and three girls are in the living room. One of the girls is dancing. The guy gets his dick out and the girl goes down on her knees to suck it. Then the other girls blow him in turn while the other two lick each others pussies on the couch. *****

Vintage tit fuck

Vintage tit fuck0:00

[+]A big titted girl is dancing around on a stage. A little further on a naked guy is watching her. She goes down on her knees and gives him a blow job. He then fucks her in between her large tits until he comes. *****

Strip club threesome

Strip club threesome0:00

[+]A busty girl is dancing in front of a couple of guys who are sitting at a bar, showing her tits off to them. A little later she is on a bed with a male and a female customer. The latter is blowing her boyfriend before getting fucked by him. *****

Vintage lesbian action

Vintage lesbian action0:00

[+]A blonde girl is dancing naked on a stage. A little further on a woman is watching her. They end up on the bed where the blond licks the other girls tits. A little later the blonde is on her back and the other girl is finger fucking her. *****

Vintage erotic dancer

Vintage erotic dancer0:00

[+]A girl in a black bikini and black stockings is dancing around in front of the camera, swaying her ass and her tits about. *****

Exotic dancer

Exotic dancer0:00

[+]The famous stripper Kalantan is dancing on a stage, dressed in a black, exotic bikini and high heels. She sways her hips about, showing her slim body off to the camera. *****

Erotic dancer at work

Erotic dancer at work0:00

[+]In this black and white movie we see Sheree North, an exotic dancer, dressed in a panther suit. She is dancing on a terrace in the garden, swaying her body to and fro. A little later she appears again, this time in a tight bikini. *****

Big boobed foursome

Big boobed foursome0:00

[+]Two large breasted women are dancing topless on a stage. A little later the both of them are on a bed with two guys. While one of them is being touched up, the other is sucking one of the guys dicks before the both of them get fucked. *****

Homemade Self Video Girlfriend Dancing

Homemade Self Video Girlfriend Dancing3:00

[+]Hi guys, my name is Vicky and iÒ‘m from Michigan. I just made this video for my boyfriend Tonny. Hope you like it too! I love these new white panties. PLEASE COMMENT !!! *****

Topless harem girl

Topless harem girl0:00

[+]In this black and white movie a girl enters the stage wearing a long evening dress. A long split on the side shows her long legs. A little later we see her dancing again, this time wearing a harem suit which shows most of her body. *****

In front of the mirror

In front of the mirror0:00

[+]A couple is dancing in front of a mirror in their underwear. They take each others clothes off and continue dancing in the nude while he keeps pushing his hard on against her crotch. A little later he lays down on his back and she straddles him in order to fuck. *****