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Gisela plays with her pussy for us

Gisela plays with her pussy for us0:00

[+]We get girls in all shapes and sizes here and with some of them you can tell at the first glance: This one is simply made for sex. Gisela gave us that impression when she walked in here and we weren't mistaken: She's completely hooked! *****

Slowly stripping for you

Slowly stripping for you0:00

[+]It always has been a fantasy of mine to pose naked in front of a camera. I’ve dreamt about it when I masturbated even. Slowly stripping naked when you know there are people watching you. Baring your breasts, lowering your panties until everything is clearly visible. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! *****

Teen girl masturbating

Teen girl masturbating0:57

[+]A young girl is laying on a bed, reading a magazine. She plays with her tits through the material of her shirt. Then she lifts up her shirt, pulls her panties aside and massages her pussy until she comes, moaning softly. *****

Blonde schoolgirl fucking herself

Blonde schoolgirl fucking herself0:57

[+]A young blonde girl is sitting on achair with her legs on the desk. She pulls up her shirt and touches her nipples with a ball point pen. She sits down on top of the desk, opens her shirt and rubs her crotch before fucking herself with a vibrator. *****

Masturbating on the couch

Masturbating on the couch0:57

[+]A teenage girl with black hair sits down on a couch and strokes the top of her body. A little later she has taken her shirt off. She pulls her panties aside and strokes her pussy. Then she rubs it very fast until she comes. *****

Cleaning and masturbating

Cleaning and masturbating0:57

[+]A young girl in panties and T-shirt is cleaning the shower. She takes off her top and plays with her tits for a while. Then she takes off her panties, sits down on the floor and shoves two fingers up her pussy, rubbing her clit with her other hand. *****

Masturbating at the computer

Masturbating at the computer0:57

[+]A young girl is at a computer desk, fiddling with her shirt. She takes it off and unbuttons her trousers. After she has taken them off she sits back in a chair, spreads her legs as wide as she can and masturbates. *****

Hot solo performance

Hot solo performance0:57

[+]Jeanine is one of those girls who has become very popular amongst our fans. Every day requests pour in for more material of this girl and to be honest, we can see why. There is just something special in the way she spoils her pussy... *****

Masturbating by the river

Masturbating by the river0:57

[+]A skinny girl is sitting on her hunches next to a small stream. She lowers her top and plays with her tits. A little later she is naked and caressing her pussy. She plays with a couple of vibro balls before finger fucking herself. *****

Teen lesbos playing in bed

Teen lesbos playing in bed5:03

[+]When the dark haired girl invited her friend over for the night her friend had no idea what was on her friend’s dirty little mind. After some coaxing the brunette girl has her tongue and fingers massaging her friend’s slick wet pussy. She breaks out the toy and fucks her tight little snatch getting her friend off like none of her boyfriends ever had! *****

Blonde teen fucking herself

Blonde teen fucking herself0:57

[+]A blonde teenage girl is on a couch with a guitar, stroking her body all over. A little later she is only wearing her panties and massages her tits and pussy. She goes on her hands and knees and then fucks herself with a large dildo. *****

Seducing the cameraman

Seducing the cameraman0:57

[+]A young girl is laying on a bed. She lifts up the blanket so the camera can see her body. The girl then pulls her panties right into her pussy and massages it. She plays with her nipples for a while and then removes her panties in order to finger fuck herself. *****

On the kitchen sink

On the kitchen sink0:57

[+]A young girl is in the kitchen. She is licking whipped cream off a spoon. She lowers her top and pours cream all over her tits. A little later she is naked and laying down on the sink where she finger fucks her pussy. *****

A sporty girl

A sporty girl0:00

[+]I am a very sportive girl. You can find me at the local gym at least three times a week and sometimes on a Sunday too. I like to stay in shape although I must admit I get plenty of attention from the guys there. A lot of them stare at my tits when I'm working out with a skiping rope for instance but I love that attention too! *****

Sexy lil teen girl teases her pussy outside

Sexy lil teen girl teases her pussy outside4:25

[+]Abby is an adorable teen cutie with perky little titties and a beautiful smooth wet pussy. She is relaxing on a blanket in a field when she decides to break out her toy and plunge it deep into her hot little box. She fucks herself to orgasm right there and shyly smiles at the camera when she finishes *****

Megan bangs the glass rod

Megan bangs the glass rod4:55

[+]There is something sexy about the name Megan to me, almost like girls with that name are good girls on the outside and raging sluts on the inside. This Megan has got wonderful little boobs and a sweet pussy that is incredibly inviting. She gets horny outside and choose a glass dildo to slide in and out of her hot and juicy snatch until she has a nice little orgasm right there in the grass *****

Girl masturbates outside

Girl masturbates outside3:12

[+]Ya got to hand it to Nataly, she just does not care where she gets herself off. If this horny little teen is in the mood she will fuck herself. This time it is outside and on a big rock looking thing and she is fucking her pussy with that toy like she is mad at it. Her snatch opens and closes around that toy like it is eating sausage and she is on full display even after she cums! *****

Saphire loves to masturbate

Saphire loves to masturbate0:00

[+]This might sound strange coming from a model but I would never masturbate in front of my boyfriend. I know, it's odd as I do it nearly every day in front of a camera but it is different between lovers. Something I like to keep to myself. *****

Masturbating at the pool

Masturbating at the pool1:01

[+]A teenage girl is sitting at the side of swimming pool, rubbing her body. She takes her top off and massages her small tits. Then she takes out a vibrator, moving it all over her body before she fucks herself with it. *****

Big titted girl masturbating

Big titted girl masturbating0:00

[+]Playing with my huge hooters is something I started doing back in high school. They kept growing bigger and bigger and I just could not resist constantly fondling them. *****

Ryana loves experimenting

Ryana loves experimenting0:00

[+]I don't have a steady boyfriend and I don't want one either. I want to experiment, to try guys out, in short, to have a lot of fun while I can. Maybe I will fall in love one day and everything will change but until then I just enjoy myself. *****

Not shy anymore

Not shy anymore0:00

[+]I used to be a pretty shy girl, but after some experimenting at college I changed a lot. Now I just love to suck my boyfriends boner while I'm playing with my big busty boobs. *****

Masturbating in bed

Masturbating in bed0:00

[+]Kitty knows like no other what it is like for a guy to run his hard on against a pair of soft, fleshy tits. Combine it with an eager mouth which is gobbling up your gland and you will come in no time. Our Kitty is a real expert in this! *****

Redhead teen masturbating

Redhead teen masturbating0:57

[+]A teenage girl in a white shirt and a miniskirt is laying on a bed, stroking her body all over. She slowly takes off all of her clothes, lays down again and then fucks herself with a vibrator. *****

Teen stripping and masturbating

Teen stripping and masturbating1:53

[+]A teenage girl with plats is standing in front of the camera, gently touching her body. She slowly takes all of her clothes off, massaging her skin. She picks up a dildo and wets it with her mouth before she fucks her pussy with it. *****

Masturbating at the poolside

Masturbating at the poolside1:46

[+]A teenage girl with big boobs is swimming around in a pool. She sits down on a couch and reveals her breasts. Then she gets out a pink dildo and wets it with her mouth, rubbing her pussy before sticking the dildo in and fucking herself with it. *****

Her yellow vibrator

Her yellow vibrator0:57

[+]A skinny young girl is sitting on a red couch, her hands slowly moving over her body. She lifts up her shirt and massages her stiff nipples, shoving her other hand into her panties. A little later she is naked and fucking herself with a large dildo. *****

Masturbating in the snow

Masturbating in the snow0:00

[+]A young girl is walking through the snow. She puts the skis that she was carrying away, massages her large tits and shows them to the camera. She takes off her pants, pulls her panties aside and masturbates with a vibrator. *****

Getting ready to masturbate

Getting ready to masturbate0:00

[+]A young girl in a shiny bikini is standing in front of the camera, caressing her body. She shows her behind and squeezes her tits. She lifts her bra and licks her nipples in turns. Then she picks up a vibrator and wets it with her mouth, stroking her pussy. *****

Busty blonde and her toys

Busty blonde and her toys0:00

[+]A busty blonde girl in bikini is sitting on a bed. She lowers her top and plays with her tits. A little later she is naked. She lays down, spreads her legs wide and fucks herself with a small vibrator. *****

Teen girl masturbating

Teen girl masturbating3:00

[+]A naked teenage girl is laying on her back on the couch. She has spread her legs and is finger fucking her pussy. While doing that she picks up a pink vibrator and wets it with her mouth before shoving it into her pussy. *****

Masturbation in high heels

Masturbation in high heels1:01

[+]A teenage brunette is sitting on a couch. SHe is wearing high heeled shoes and black stockings. After she has taken her top off she rubs her tits. Once nearly naked she massages her pussy, fucking herself with her fingers and a large vibrator. *****

Fun on the river

Fun on the river3:00

[+]A new girl has arrived again and the lovers of firm tits amongst you will certainly be pleases as Rita sports a hefty pair of them. She also loves to be in or on the water so we took her to a proper spot for her first pictures... *****

Teen girl masturbating

Teen girl masturbating0:57

[+]A teenage girl in a miniskirt is sitting on a table, rubbing her crotch and her tits. She takes off her clothes and continues to play with her pussy. She finger fucks herself and the masturbates with a large dildo. *****

Puss in boots

Puss in boots0:57

[+]Slender, tall and even bigger with her high heeled boots, that is how Monika likes to go man hunting. And there isn't a single guy who doesn't fall for her appearance. Or for her sex hungry pussy for that matter. Monika can't get enough! *****

Masturbating in the kitchen

Masturbating in the kitchen0:56

[+]Time for another one of our kitchen princesses in action. Mind you, that title is usually reserved for someone who is handy with pots and pans. Joanne isn't very good with either but she can handle her dildo in a way that makes your mouth water! *****

Ready to shoot

Ready to shoot0:57

[+]Is Kim happy with her new job as a new model for MySexyKittens? You bet! The last time she came to the studio she had her dress off before our photographer could get his camera set up. She sure was in a hurry to perform! *****

Hot girl in the kitchen

Hot girl in the kitchen0:57

[+]Blonde girls are getting popular here at MySexyKittens so we asked Marry if she would be game for another session. She was, and soon we set her up in the kitchen. No, not to cook but to have herself spoiling her ass with a vibrator! *****

Blonde teen enjoying herself

Blonde teen enjoying herself0:57

[+]A young blonde girl is layin on a bed taking pictures of her vrotch with her mobile phone. She lowers her top and takes her panties off so she can massage her pussy. A little later she is naked and fucking herself with a dildo. *****

Sweet lesbian shower sex

Sweet lesbian shower sex2:01

[+]Our spare bathroom isn’t very big. In fact the tub is only meant for one person to sit in. Upright that is. But hey, when Ilse and Twigy are in a horny mood there is no stopping them and they are inventive enough to sort the problem out... *****