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Former school director in action

Former school director  in action1:26

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First aid class

First aid class2:28

[+]Dagmar has fallen over in the playground, scratching both her knees. Teacher Jan, helpful as ever, applies nearly everything he has ever learned about first aid... which isn't very much. But he is sure that a thorough examination is necessary... *****

The full treatment

The full treatment2:17

[+]Jan is suffering from erection problems so he goes to see Doctor Lucie. She is not a woman of many words but her treatments are never without effect... although we wonder if a tablet of Viagra would have been less painful... *****

Seducing for beginners

Seducing for beginners2:28

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A blow job at the railway line

A blow job at the railway line2:12

[+]Rick has found a new girlfriend in Regina and together they share a hobby: Roaming the deep forest looking for wild... trains. Well, at least they meet a lot of them while they are trying to have it off with each other. But in the end they succeed... *****

Mutual massage

Mutual massage2:37

[+]Harry has a new housekeeper and the girl is absolutely fantastic. She sweeps, she cleans, she gives massages when he needs one. But when it comes to spoiling her pussy there is only one expert in the house: Harry himself... *****

Jogging and fucking

Jogging and fucking1:48

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Pretty babe gets penetrated by an old plump fellow2:00

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The condom seller

The condom seller1:44

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Screwing the maid

Screwing the maid2:19

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Piano lessons

Piano lessons2:17

[+]After fifteen years of lessons Martina just has to admit it: No way she will ever play the piano. Pavlov, her teacher, is very disappointed in the girl but Martina has some good news too: She has another talent which could bring her a great career! *****

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Senior fucks a beauty1:57

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A public blow job

A public blow job2:25

[+]Jan has found a new holiday girlfriend in Alexandra and he just can't keep his eyes... or rather, his hands off her. Even in the middle of a restaurant he just has to feel her tits and pussy and Alexandra doesn't mind blowing his dick there either... *****

Stalked by a girl

Stalked by a girl2:05

[+]Amanda is in a horny mood and when she sees Bart walking along the river she immediately has the hots for him. She decides to stalk the poor guy but he doesn't even notice so it is time for another strategy: A direct attack in the toilet! *****

Sinning at the chapel

Sinning at the chapel1:55

[+]Marcel is just feeding the birds when his new girlfriend comes up to him. Surprised, he drops de plastic bag for the ducks to choke on... and on his knees when he and Ingrid approach a chapel. For Marcel surely is about to commit some sins here... *****

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Coed bitch and granddad banging on a couch2:00

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A cruel teacher

A cruel teacher2:24

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A sleeping surprise

A sleeping surprise1:36

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Antique threesome

Antique threesome1:34

[+]Ilona and Rick have been married for fifty years and it shows too. Their cousin Sandra comes over to congratulate the ehm... happy couple and in the middle of a wild party her uncle tries to seduce her. But then aunt Ilona takes over.... *****

The horny plumber

The horny plumber1:53

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Teacher copulates redhead teeny and films it2:00

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Bridge seduction

Bridge seduction2:54

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The girl hunter

The girl hunter2:14

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Sex at the bowling alley

Sex at the bowling alley1:31

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Screwed under the bridge1:30

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Pleasing the mistress1:49

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Horny gumnast

Horny gumnast1:34

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Grandpa fucks teen1:29

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Old science teacher fucks his nubile chick student2:00

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Old train and nubile chick blonde have a fun wine and sex2:00

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Hot little schoolgirl

Hot little schoolgirl1:53

[+]Martina has to stay after class to do some extra mathematics but she still makes a hash of the job. But when she cleans the blackboard her teacher's interest is drawn to her outfit which is... somewhat indecent to say the least. *****

A hot photographer

A hot photographer1:29

[+]Mireck has celebrated his 81st birthday last week and he has decided to treat his family on some photo’s... of himself. Now Zuzana is a nice looking girl and Mireck is very interested but will he be able to bypass her fetish for balls and cowboy hats? *****

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Fucked in the haystack1:43

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A horny pupil

A horny pupil1:49

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Big titted soldier

Big titted soldier1:35

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Sex on prescription

Sex on prescription1:59

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Fucked in the greenhouse

Fucked in the greenhouse1:42

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A dedicated teacher

A dedicated teacher2:19

[+]You can say about our local teacher what you want but he sure is dedicated. Even when he is up to his neck in plaster he still reports in for work. That is why it is such a pity his pupil of today is somewhat of a bimbo... or could that be in his advantage? *****