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Fucked on the pool table

Fucked on the pool table0:00

[+]A guy is sitting in a striptease bar, watching a girl dancing in front of him and shoving money into her panties. A little later the girl is on her knees, giving the guy a blow job. The guy then fucks her on the pol table. *****

Lesbian threesome at the pool

Lesbian threesome at the pool0:00

[+]A naked girl is next to a swimming pool. She lifts up her giant tits and licks her nipples. A blonde girl joins her and kneels down on the ground so the first girl can lick her pussy. A third girl is watching them, rubbing her own pussy. *****

Maid without undies

Maid without undies0:00

[+]Madame is taking a bath when the new servant girl brings in lunch. To her surprise she sees that the maid is wearing no panties. Somewhat turned on she masturbates and then discovers a guy cleaning the pool. He would be exactly what she needs! *****

Big titted girl in a pool

Big titted girl in a pool0:00

[+]A young, blonde girl is swimming in a pool. She bares her tits and squeezes them. Back on shore she gets out a large, pink vibrator and masturbates, shoving it all the way into her tight pussy. *****



[+]Sharon and Jacky are just sitting beside the pool wearing their sexiest lingierie when one of them decides that she knows how to add some fun to the day. The girl suck on each others titties before fingering, licking and fucking their friend with a toy. These girls know how to make each other happy as tongue and toy tickle clits and make them cum *****

Swimming pool orgy

Swimming pool orgy0:00

[+]A group of people is playing ball in a swimming pool. Next to it a girl is on her knees, sucking a guys dick. He lays her down on her back to fuck her when another guy approaches to have his dick sucked. Behind them, another girl gets her pussy licked by a third guy. *****

Fucking on the pool table

Fucking on the pool table0:00

[+]A blonde woman gets out of bed, puts on a gown and walks over to another room where a guy is shooting pool. A little later they are both naked and she is sucking his dick. Then he fucks her on top of the pool table. *****

Threesome with the handyman

Threesome with the handyman0:00

[+]Two girls are sunbathing at the side of the pool. They are fantasizing about the handyman and soon they take him indoors for a threesome. Once inside the two of them give him an extensive blow job. *****



[+]Fun times in the pool goofing around turns into naughty times in the water. These two cute teen girls love the taste of water pouring of the pussy cleft of their friends. They take advantage of the situation by going down on each other in some of the hottest teen lesbian action you will ever see. The good times move to the edge of the pool where they continue to play around with toys until the both cum *****

Fucking next to the pool

Fucking next to the pool0:00

[+]A blonde girl with large tits is sitting in an outdoor spa. A guy approaches her, takes his clothes off and then joins her in the water where he begins to lick her hairy pussy. She sucks his dick and then the both of them screw next to the pool. *****



[+]Joanna has always wanted to be naughty with her good friend Babara so when she has her over to the pool it does not take long for Joanna to make her move. She kisses her friend while peeling off her clothes and then after briefly licking the pussy she uses a vibrator to get Barbara all worked up. Soon both these teen hotties have a toy in their tight little pussies fucking themselves to incredible orgasms *****

Two sexy cops

Two sexy cops0:00

[+]Two sexy looking girls approach a guy who is asleep next to the swimming pool. One of them wakes him up by shoving her pussy in his face but the other has put some handcuffs on his stiff dick. At first they throw him in the water but then both girls end up giving the guy a blow job. *****

Vintage poolside orgy

Vintage poolside orgy0:00

[+]A group of people is having a party at the pool side. Most of them are naked. A topless girl is taken around on a leash and she is ordered to suck every guy that approaches her. Meanwhile there are couples everywhere fucking each other. *****