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Masturbating in the sunshine

Masturbating in the sunshine0:57

[+]It was excellent weather again today so for her third solo session we took Abby out to the forest. Dressed in her favorite clothes - which are very easy to remove - she enjoyed the warm sun, the cool breeze and of course a giant dildo! *****

Titty fucking Tiffany gets coated in cum

Titty fucking Tiffany gets coated in cum5:06

[+]You just have to love a teen girl with huge knockers that knows how to use them. Tiffany is not only cute as hell, has a sweet little pussy but she knows that nothing quite compares to wrapping her enormous melons around some guys beef stick and stroking his cock with them. She does plenty of that and sucking his schlong before she gets his full load of man juice in the face and mouth.. *****

Wrapped in plastic

Wrapped in plastic1:57

[+]Usually we introduce new models with a solo series. You know, just to get acquainted with the girl before she dives into the hardcore action. But Jessica was so eager to pose with her girlfriend that you had to wait until today to watch her on her own! *****

The hidden goods

The hidden goods0:57

[+]When Sandra came to the studio today there was an odd smile on her face. She didn’t tell us why she was so happy but she was ever so eager to start modeling and only then did we find out what this naughty girl had been hiding from us... *****

Playing in the shower

Playing in the shower3:00

[+]If there is one thing you can please our girls with it sure is a new toy. Well, beside a real dick of course! Anyway, it was up to Judy to try a new set of vibro balls out and we must say they were really appreciated by her... *****

Hairy teen playing with herself

Hairy teen playing with herself0:57

[+]A young girl with plats is kneeling on a couch where she takes her shorts off. A little later she is laying down. Pulling her panties off, she shows her hairy pussy. Once naked she leans over the back of the couch and masturbates. *****

Masturbating in the sauna

Masturbating in the sauna0:57

[+]An Asian teenage girl is in a sauna. She lifts one of her tits out of her T-shirt and plays with it. She then rubs her pussy through the material of her panties before getting a large vibrator out with which she fucks herself. *****

Masturbating in the open air

Masturbating in the open air0:57

[+]A young girl is sitting in a field, pulling faces at the camera. She takes off her trousers and lowers her shirt in order to play with her tits for a while. She massages her pussy until someone hands her a dildo with which she fucks herself. *****

An oily massage

An oily massage3:00

[+]A blonde girl who is naked but for her shorts is laying down on the couch. She shoves her hand into her shorts and massages her pussy. After a while she is naked. She picks up a bottle of oil and rubs some of it on her pussy. *****

Busty girl masturbating

Busty girl masturbating0:00

[+]A blonde girl in a red bikini is laying on a bed. She shows her big tits off to the camera. She slowly removes her bra, squeezing her tits all the time. When she is completely naked she fucks herself with a vibrator. *****

Outdoor pole dance

Outdoor pole dance1:01

[+]A blonde, long haired teenager is in the forest. She is doing a pole dance, using the pole of a traffic sign. She strips down to her g-string and then masturbates, shoving her fingers deep into her pussy. *****

Masturbating at the gym

Masturbating at the gym0:57

[+]A young girl in shorts and panties is at the gym. She rubs her tits and then takes her T-shirt off in order to play with her tits some more. She rubs her crotch, pulling her panties in between her pussy before inserting a large dildo. *****

Naked teen in the garden

Naked teen in the garden0:57

[+]A teenage girl wearing only a bra and panties is walking around the house. She goes into the garden where she shows her body off to the camera. She lays down and rubs her tits before taking her panties off to masturbate. *****

Teen with puffy nipples

Teen with puffy nipples3:00

[+]A skinny young girl is in the bedroom, slowly undressing herself. She takes off her shirt and bra, showing her firm tits with puffy nipples. Once undressed she puts on a yellow T-shirt. Then she lifts up the shirt in order to play with her pussy. *****

Hot as always

Hot as always0:57

[+]To say that Jessica is becoming a popular model is a bit of an understatement: Every day countless requests for more photos and videos of her arrive here. So we invited Jessica for a new session and of course she didn't disappoint us! *****

Busty girl masturbating

Busty girl masturbating0:00

[+]A girl in bikini is staning in front of a bed, showing her tits off to the camera. She climbs onto the bed, removes her bra and plays with her tits. Lifting them up and squeezing the nipples before she masturbates using a large vibrator. *****

Lovely teen masturbating

Lovely teen masturbating0:57

[+]A young girl in hotpants and a small top is on a bed, slowly stripping off her clothes. She lowers her pants and rubs her pussy. After taking them off she spreads her legs wide, massaging her pussy again and then fucks herself with a dildo. *****

Latina teen finger fucking

Latina teen finger fucking0:57

[+]A Latina girl in high heels and a very short dress is on the porch. She lowers her dress and plays with her tits. When she is naked she sits down and rubs her pussy. Later on she bends over in order to finger fuck her asshole. *****

Bound for pleasure

Bound for pleasure0:57

[+]Pascalle let us know that she always dresses in such a way that she is always ready for a fuck. And that gave our photographer an idea to serve this newcomer up to you: Bound and with holes in de right spots of outfit: Even more ready to fuck! *****

Masturbating in the attic

Masturbating in the attic0:57

[+]A young girl in a miniskirt is playing with herself in the attic. She takes off her panties and massages her pussy. She leans back and takes out a large dildo with which she fuckes herself hard. *****

A true exhibitionist

A true exhibitionist0:57

[+]If there is one girl here who loves to show her naked body off in public it surely is Anouk. Whenevers she gets the chance she drops whatever she is wearing and enjoys the attention she gets from whoever happens to be watching her! *****

Young girl in hot action

Young girl in hot action0:57

[+]A blonde teenage girl is in a living room. She strokes her body and lifts up her shirt, revealing her small tits. She plays with them for a while, takes her clothes off and sits down in a chair where she fucks herself with a vibrator. *****

Horny kitchen princess

Horny kitchen princess0:57

[+]A young blonde girl is standing at the kitchen sink. She massages her pussy through her pants. She takes her pants off, sits down on a chair and massages her naked tits. Then she masturbates by pushing her cunt against the edge of the table. *****

Mellie on cloud nine

Mellie on cloud nine0:57

[+]Most of our girls love it to masturbate in front of the camera. They do their utmost to show their pussy as good as they can. It is something that lifts them to a different level. And that certainly is true for our Mellie... *****

Sexy with cup size E

Sexy with cup size E0:00

[+]Yeah I know, my hooters are humongous! They started growing when I was about eleven and they haven’t stopped since. At secondary school a lot of girls were pretty jealous of them until they got REALLY big. Personally I think they are just a part of me. Guys love ‘em, like to stroke and suck ‘em like babies! *****

Dress to impress

Dress to impress0:57

[+]Chantal was obviously planning to make an impression when she came to our studio this time and that panther print jacket and leather pants sure helped a lot. Mind you, we were more curious about what she would look like with that stuff off! *****

Blonde on the rocks

Blonde on the rocks0:57

[+]Cindy loves the outdoors and she spends many an hour going round the countryside on her inline skates. Her second favorite toy is her glass dildo so we took both of them with us for some outdoor action. Anal action as it appeared... *****

Masturbating on the bedroom floor

Masturbating on the bedroom floor3:00

[+]A young blonde girl is laying on the floor of a bedroom. She lifts up her panties an caresses her pussy. After taking off her panties she massages her clit. She lowers her top and gently strokes her tits. *****

Her secret spot

Her secret spot0:57

[+]Like every other girl here Maggie has her own secret spot where she likes to spend time by herself. Or rather: Where she masturbates. Odd enough that is the bottom of our shower. Apparently the cool touch makes her horny... *****

Finger fucking teen

Finger fucking teen3:00

[+]A young naked girl lays down on the bed with her legs spread wide, nearly shoving her trimmed pussy into the camera. She massages her clit with her fingers and then finger fucks her pussy harder and harder. *****

Masturbating in the snow

Masturbating in the snow0:00

[+]A young girl is walking through the snow. She puts the skis that she was carrying away, massages her large tits and shows them to the camera. She takes off her pants, pulls her panties aside and masturbates with a vibrator. *****

Big bosomed blonde

Big bosomed blonde0:00

[+]A young blonde girl is on a bed, stroking her whole body and squeezing her tits. She takes off her bra and plays with her large breasts. A little later she is naked and fucking herself hard with a dildo, moaning loudly. *****

Finger fucking on the bed

Finger fucking on the bed1:53

[+]A teenage girl is kneeling on a bed. She strokes her thighs, lifts up her shirt and plays with her tits. She lays down, spreads her legs and rubs her pussy through her panties. Thens she takes her panties off and finger fucks herself. *****

Masturbating in the bathroom

Masturbating in the bathroom0:57

[+]A young girl is in the bathroom, admiring herself in the mirror. She sits down on the floor and bares her tits. Then she takes off her panties and massages her pussy. Then she lays down, spreads her legs and finger fucks herself. *****

Masturbating on the floor

Masturbating on the floor0:57

[+]A young girl is sitting on the floor, stroking her tits through the material of her T-shirt. A little later she has taken her shirt off and massages her crotch. Then she removes her skirt and her panties and fucks herself with a large dildo. *****

Pretty girl with incredible long legs

Pretty girl with incredible long legs0:57

[+]Leo is a pretty girl with incredible long legs. She loves wearing sexy lingery and especially likes to show it to her boyfriend. She is a specialist when it comes to her vibrator. She takes it anywhere she goes, even at work. ""Who knows... I might have some time to play with it during lunch break?!"" *****

Hot girl in the shower

Hot girl in the shower0:57

[+]Like so many of our girls even newcomer Chantal loves to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It is one of the very few places here that has a lock on the door you see and she likes some privacy. Just to masturbate when there is no one around... *****

Masturbating in the hallway

Masturbating in the hallway1:37

[+]A young girl is standing against the stairs. She rubs her tits through the material of her top. The she lowers it so she can play with her nipples. She sits down to massage her pussy and when her pants are off she fucks herself with a dildo. *****

Girl stripping and masturbating

Girl stripping and masturbating0:57

[+]A blonde teenage girl who is wearing just panties is moving about in front of the camera. She slowly lowers her panties and takes them off. Then she sits down in a chair, spreads her legs and masturbates slowly. *****

Her purple dildo

Her purple dildo0:57

[+]A teenage girl is sitting down in a large chair. She lifts up her T-shiert and strokes her tits. She takes off her panties and massages her pussy. She then takes out a large, purple dildo and fucks herself with it. *****