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Two girls and a double dong

Two girls and a double dong0:57

[+]Two teenage girls in sexy outfits are sitting on the floor. They undress each other slowly, stroking each others body. When the are naked they sit down and fuck each other in turns with a double dildo. *****

A girl and her lingerie

A girl and her lingerie0:56

[+]Diana has bought herself a new playsuit and of course she wants to show it off to everybody. Well, we must say we are pretty impressed with it, especially with those pink pom poms. And it moves out of the way quite easily too... *****

Pumping his dick

Pumping his dick1:48

[+]Some girls are not easily satisfied. Take Rosa for instance. Her boyfriend has a fair sized dick but to be honest, she would like it to be a little bigger. Fortunately there is plenty of stuff for sale that could solve that problem... *****

Slavic Teen In Red Underwear & Fishnet Stockings Plays with Her Hairy Pussy

Slavic Teen In Red Underwear & Fishnet Stockings Plays with Her Hairy Pussy2:00

[+]Slavic Teen In Red Underwear & Fishnet Stockings Plays with Her Hairy Pussy *****

Playtime at the pool

Playtime at the pool0:57

[+]The pool has always been a favorite spot for our girls to show off their talents and that goes for Barbara and Joanna too. According to them it is just great to slide into the cool water after you just had some great sex together... *****

Seduction on the road

Seduction on the road0:56

[+]What would you do when you were walking down a quiet country road one day and suddenly you came across a beautiful girl in black lingerie? Would you pass her by without a word or... Would you lie down, get out your dick and tell her to suck it? *****

Her secret spot

Her secret spot0:57

[+]Like every other girl here Maggie has her own secret spot where she likes to spend time by herself. Or rather: Where she masturbates. Odd enough that is the bottom of our shower. Apparently the cool touch makes her horny... *****

Fucking in the store room

Fucking in the store room1:39

[+]When you visit our studios you will find girls just about everywhere: In the bathroom, the garden, the attic... Even when an unsuspecting visitor accidently walks into our store room he might find a very sexy surprise. One like Diana for instance... *****

Her horny stockings

Her horny stockings0:57

[+]A guy walks into the kitchen where he hands his teenage girlfriend a bunch of flowers. He shows her his hard dick and she rubs it with her stockinged feet. A little later he is on his back on the floor and she is over him with his dick up her pussy. *****

Dusting and fucking

Dusting and fucking1:47

[+]Another addition to our staff is Veronica, our maid. Dressed in her uniform that we designed ourselves (...) She polishes, dusts and vacuums, keeping the manor spic and span. She doesn't stop at anything. Well, except for a good fuck maybe. *****

Seduction on the road

Seduction on the road0:59

[+]What would you do when you were walking down a quiet country road one day and suddenly you came across a beautiful girl in black lingerie? Would you pass her by without a word or... Would you lie down, get out your dick and tell her to suck it? *****

Maggies manhunt

Maggies manhunt1:45

[+]When our Maggie is in a horny mood, no man is safe from her. You can run but you cannot hide, not even in the toilet to take a couple of minutes for yourself. Maggie will find you and she will get what she wants too: A good fuck! *****

A hot meeting at the fountain

A hot meeting at the fountain1:48

[+]Annabellas boyfriend is the oldfashioned kind. Whenever he visits her he always brings a present although we must say his choice is somewhat... odd. But Annabella is always very thankful and she knows well how to show her gratitude! *****

Blonde seductress

Blonde seductress0:00

[+]A blonde girl is sitting on the edge of her bed putting her stockings on when a guy enters the room. The girl pulls him over and a little later they are fucking away on the bed. She straddles and rides his dick before blowing it hard. *****

Short girl fucking

Short girl fucking0:00

[+]A guy is talking to a very small redheaded woman. She takes her bathrobe off and reveals her blue undies and stockings. The she lies down on the bed and spreads her legs as far as she can so the guy can climb on top and fuck her. *****

A porn star's whish

A porn star's whish2:57

[+]As young as she is, Kelly has been an actress in several porn films already. But the one thing she has never done is a XXX flick starring her and Steven, her boyfriend. But today she has invited a camera crew to do just that. Will Steven agree? *****

The student doctor

The student doctor3:44

[+]Doctor Dries has a busy afternoon ahead. Not only his favorite little patient is visiting him but he also has to play teacher to Steven, his apprentice. Fortunately Lucie, the patient, is a very willing girl... and a very patient one too... *****

Masturbation in high heels

Masturbation in high heels1:01

[+]A teenage brunette is sitting on a couch. SHe is wearing high heeled shoes and black stockings. After she has taken her top off she rubs her tits. Once nearly naked she massages her pussy, fucking herself with her fingers and a large vibrator. *****

Dressed to kill

Dressed to kill0:56

[+]Veronica spends a lot of time on her looks. She sits for hours at her make up table and double that time in front of her clothes cupboard, especially when there is a chance she might get laid that night. But you must admit, the result is damn good! *****

A seductive girl

A seductive girl0:56

[+]If there is anyone around here who knows how to show her body off it sure is Marilyn. And boy, what a body it is! Those slender long legs, those firm tits... and of course that juicy pussy that just loves to be stuffed at any time! *****

Three girls in a bathroom

Three girls in a bathroom0:00

[+]Three girls are in a bathroom. While one of them is putting her stockings on, the other two are taking a bath. They stand and sit opposite each other, massaging their hairy pussies before rubbing each other down with a towel. *****

Hot holiday fuck

Hot holiday fuck1:32

[+]Ah, this is the life: Sitting on the terrace of your hotel, enjoying a good book, the sunshine and a cool drink which is brought to you by a waitress whose uniform makes your dick stand on end. Now if you would ask the little servant for a blow job, would she oblige too? *****

An Oscar for fucking

An Oscar for fucking1:25

[+]A young couple is in a room, kissing each other. The guy unbuttons her blouse in order to play with her tits and later on he plays with her pussy too. When she is nearly naked he fucks her in her pussy and her asshole until he comes in her mouth. *****

Blonde with size thirty boobs

Blonde with size thirty boobs0:00

[+]A blonde girl with bg tits and dressed in a tight corset is standing in front of the camera, talking to the photographer. She takes off the corset and plays with her tits. At the end she blows a kiss in the direction of the camera. *****

Playing on top of the bar

Playing on top of the bar0:00

[+]Two young girls are talking to each other behind the bar of a restaurant. After a while they begin to stroke each other. When they are naked one of the girls climbs on top of the bar and bends over for the other one to fuck her with a vibrator. *****

Fucking in a hurry

Fucking in a hurry0:00

[+]A guy and a girl enter a bedroom where the girl quickly takes her clothes off except for her stockings and garter belt. She pushes the guy down on the bed and he licks her tits before she sucks his dick. Then the both of them fuck. *****

Sexy mouse hunt

Sexy mouse hunt0:00

[+]A woman is lying on a bed reading a magazine. She is only wearing white undies and black stockings. After a while she discovers a mouse running around in the room. She screams in fright and then starts looking for a way to kill the mouse, fist with an oversized hammer and then with a rifle. *****

A big, black dildo

A big, black dildo0:57

[+]All of our girls seem to have a special kick: One loves fur, the other fucking in the bathroom and the third likes to get her body covered in oil. Nadia's biggest love at the moment is a large, black dildo that she uses just about every day... *****

Hot on the rocks

Hot on the rocks0:56

[+]Although most of our girls like the comfort and the privacy of our studio or even the garden behind it, Vera certainly does not. Dressed in a sexy outfit she found us a spot way out in the mountains and gave a hot performance... *****

Horny job applicant

Horny job applicant2:08

[+]Cindy is applying for a job at a night club. She is welcomed by a receptionist whose knockers... nearly knock her out. The new boss is a bit of a strange character too: All het wants is staff that can really lick ass... but that is Cindys speciality... *****

Screwing in the park

Screwing in the park2:15

[+]Jan has found himself a new girlfriend in Sandra and boy, is she a stunner. On their way to his home Jan can't keep his hands off her, even though there are other people around. But when Jan is in te mood for a fuck nothing will stop him! *****

Kitten or bunny?

Kitten or bunny?0:56

[+]Here's Katja doing her own impression of a very famous advertisement involving a white rabbit and some batteries. We must say we can appreciate this version a lot more though. Especially now we know where the batteries go... *****

Sex on demand

Sex on demand1:57

[+]There you are, working your ass off in the burning sun as two girls suddenly arrive and demand your dick. As if your mind wasn't on other things! Mind you, they are pretty good looking and before you know it you are in the middle of a threesome on the rock hard concrete! *****

Fucking the nurse

Fucking the nurse2:22

[+]Jean is supposed to be on a diet but when he gets the chance he stuffs himself with anything he can lay his hands on. This is not to the liking og Cherry, his nurse who would rather see him eat fruit. So Jean shows her what bananas are for... *****

The biggest dildo

The biggest dildo1:52

[+]A teenage girl in a transparent outfit is sitting at a table which has a rubber dick stuck to it. She starts stroking her body, slowly undressing herself. The she picks up the rubber dick, slaps her pussy with it and then fucks herself. *****

Vamp in action

Vamp in action0:57

[+]If there is one girl with us whom you could call a real seductress, Vera immediately comes to mind. Her looks, her sexy outfit, her smile... it is all there. And when men see her in action with her vibrator they all fall for her! *****

Saphire enjoying herself

Saphire enjoying herself0:00

[+]A young girl in a corset and black stockings is sitting on the couch, stroking her body all over. She bares one breast and plays with her nipple. Then she gets a large dildo out, wets it with her mouth and fucks herself with it. *****

Creative love making

Creative love making0:57

[+]A lot of variation, that is what both Jacky and Sharon like. Although they haven't known each other for very long, bot of them already have found out what the other one loves to have done to her. The result? Very creative love making! *****

Masturbating in lingerie

Masturbating in lingerie1:46

[+]A uoung girl in white lingerie shows her body off to the camera. She takes off her clothes and massages her pussy, squeezing her pussy lips with both hands. Then she wets a large vibrator with her lips and shoves it all the way up her cunt. *****

Black girl showing off

Black girl showing off0:00

[+]A black girl wearing only panties and stockings is on a bed, showing her body off to the camera. She gets up and sways her firm tits about. She takes the rest of her clothes off and shows her pussy to the camera. *****