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Russian 3some of 90's on VHS

Russian 3some of 90's on VHS4:00

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Tennis court teen gets load in face

Tennis court teen gets load in face5:06

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Former school director in action

Former school director  in action1:26

[+]Jan Willem is a former school director who has discovered that one of his ex pupils is a performer on an adult site. So he contacts the owner to see if he himself could do a video session with the girl. To his surprise, that is no problem at all... *****

Soccer coach teaches her a lesson

Soccer coach teaches her a lesson1:47

[+]A middle aged man is playing football with a blonde teenage girl. He gets very exhausted so the girl takes him indoors for him to have a shower. After she washes him she strips off her clothes and they both fuck. *****

Teenage ballet girls

Teenage ballet girls1:47

[+]Four teenage girls get together in a dressing room where they change into their tutus. The practice together at the bar and then slowly undress each other untill they are all fully naked and play with their dildos. *****

Upside down blow job

Upside down blow job0:57

[+]A teenage girl is doing some training, assisted by a guy. A little later she is hanging upside down, sucking his dick. The both of them undress and the guy lays down on the floor so the girl can mount him, shoving his dick up her pussy. *****

Always ready to fuck

Always ready to fuck0:57

[+]Bra, short skirt and panties: That is Nikkis favourite outfit. You see, when she wants to fuck - and that happens quite often - she doesn’t want too much by the way of clothes in the way. This way she is ready for sex in a split second! *****

Teenager in tartan

Teenager in tartan0:57

[+]A blonde teenage girl in a tartan bikini is posing in front of the camera. She takes her bra off, showing her small tits. When she lowers her miniskirt she is completely naked. Kneeling on the floor she fucks herself with a vibrator. *****

Horney basket ball team

Horney basket ball team0:57

[+]Four teenage girls are playing a game of basketball. They sit down on the floor and taker their T-shirts off, showing their tits. When they are all naked they lick each others pussies in turns and use vibrators too. *****

Girl gets fucked on the floor

Girl gets fucked on the floor0:57

[+]A young girl and a guy are sitting on the floor, kissing each other. The guy lifts up the girls shirt and plays with her tits. A little later she has her skirt hiked up and her panties off and the guy is fucking her from behind. *****

Enjoying the last warm day

Enjoying the last warm day0:57

[+]It was at the end of the summer when Vera decided to make use of the warm weather. She went for a long walk, taking the largest vibrator she could find, and on a spot where no one could see her she stripped off for some quality time... *****

The girl next door

The girl next door2:27

[+]Steven is just repairing his sons bike for the umpteenth time as Kelly, the girl next door walks in. His back is aching too but when he mentions that to the girl she offers to give him a massage. And you know what happens when massages get given here... *****