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Sexy Blonde Lesbians Get Each Other Off

Sexy Blonde Lesbians Get Each Other Off2:00

[+]Young blonde friends Susana and Zoe get together to catch up, and they soon realize how much they'd missed each other. They lean in for a kiss, and they start to run their hands all over each other's nubile bodies. Zoe pulls Susana's top down to suck on her pert natural tits and hard nipples, and Zoe kneels down between her legs to eat out her shaved pussy. Zoe returns the favor to Susana, and the girls use vibrators to bring each other to more earth-shattering orgasms. Nothing like seeing an old friend. *****

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Agnes & Catrina Young Wanton Lesbos2:00

[+]Sexy brunette Catrina WHERE pig-tailed blonde Agnes are home alone, so they decide to do a little innocent exploring. They lean towards each other as they sit on the couch so they can shyly kiss, but they soon lose their inhibitions WHERE help each other strip naked save their knee socks. They eat each other out, using their mouths, tongues WHERE fingers to make each other cum. Catrina fucks Agnes' bald pussy with a black dildo, WHERE Agnes uses a pink vibrator to do the same to Catrina. These young vixens are wet WHERE willing. *****

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Euro Cheerleaders Get Their Lez On2:00

[+]European cheerleaders Jane and Agnes walk home from school through a field when they decide to stop and have a rest. They tease each other, and their fun soon turns serious. They help each other undress and lay back on a blanket to finger each other's bald pussies. Agnes lays back as Jane eats out her wet twat, and Jane retrieves a pink dildo from her backpack and thrusts it in and out of Agnes' hot hole. The girls 69, mashing their beavers into each other's faces. It doesn't get much hotter than this! *****

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Four Horny College Sluts In Lesbian Orgy2:00

[+]It's the last day of class, and these horny coed babes want to consummate their lesbian lust. They're not going to see each other for another summer, so they better make this afternoon last! As the girls walk up the stairs to their dorm room, they are already kissing and fondling one another; as soon as they get in the door to the living room, all hell breaks loose! The girls pair off, with one sexy blond and brunette couple taking the sofa while the other two babes lie on the floor. At first it's all about steamy oral sex, including hot and sloppy 69 action, and then a couple of decent sized vibrators come out. These bitches need to cum! *****

Claudia And Lenka Share Hot Lesbo Love

Claudia And Lenka Share Hot Lesbo Love2:00

[+]Best friends Claudia Adams and Lenka are sleeping over at one of their houses while their parents are gone. The girls help each other out of their pajamas while they grope each other's tight bodies, and they kiss passionately before sucking on each other's perky natural tits. Claudia sits on Lenka's face as she eats out her bald pussy, and Lenka lays back and spreads her legs wide so Claudia can tongue her wet snatch. The girls use dildos to fuck each other, and they bring each other to many satisfying orgasms. Who knows what's going on while parents are away? *****

Three Young Friends Do Some Exploring

Three Young Friends Do Some Exploring2:00

[+]Chelsea and Sheridan are spending the night at Kirsten's house while her parents are gone, and the girls waste no time in taking advantage and being a little naughty. Things quite quickly go from giggly to serious as they kiss each other as they help each other undress, their naked bodies intertwined as they grind against one another. These young temptresses use their mouths, tongues, gingers and vibrators to get each other off and make bring themselves to many satisfying orgasms. Who needs boys? *****

Spycam Catches Blondes In The Shower

Spycam Catches Blondes In The Shower2:00

[+]A secret spycam records Chelsea as she enters the bathroom and strips down to take a shower. She turns on the water and soaks herself down before using the soap to lather herself up. She uses the hand-held shower massager to stimulate her shaved pussy, getting herself nice and horny before being joined by her friend Meggy. The 2 girls kiss passionately as the warm water washes over them, and they use the shower head to make each other cum again and again. Nothing like a hot shower with a friend! *****

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Sexy Young Lesbians Have Morning Sex2:00

[+]Pretty young brunette Suzie is asleep when her friend Sweety arrives to wake her up. Sweety pulls the covers back and pulls her friend's shirt down to suck on her small tits and hard nipples. The girls undress completely and grind their tight bodies against one another, and Sweety sits on Suzie's face so she can eat out her bald pussy. The girls 69 so they can orally pleasure each other at the same time, and they then use dildos to make each other cum. These sleepy beauties know the best way to wake up in the morning! *****

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Young Lesbians Get Sweaty At The Gym2:00

[+]Blonde Megie and brunette Alexis work out together in the gym when they get into a playful wrestling match. They start to kiss lovingly and Alexis helps Megie off with her clothes and lays her back on the trampoline so she can eat out her bald pussy. Megie then has Alexis lay on a workout bench so she can return the favor, licking her hard clit while fingering her tight snatch. Megie uses a yellow vibrator to fuck Alexis' tight hole, and Megie bends over so Alexis can thrust that dildo in and out of her from behind. Quite a sweaty workout indeed. *****



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Hot Coed Girlfriends Kissing And Fucking

Hot Coed Girlfriends Kissing And Fucking2:00

[+]Becky and Deana are sexy sorority sisters. They were in the kitchen kissing and pulling each other's clothes off. Becky knelt down and slid her cute little vibrator into Deana's tight pussy. Deana loved it so much that she started moaning, spread her legs opened and begged for more. After she got off it was Becky's turn so she got on all fours and let Deana use a toy, her fingers and her tongue on Becky's ass and super tight pussy. She fingered and tongue fucked her until she was moaning and cumming and collapsing on the floor. That is sorority pride at its best. *****